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The city of Dubai is a booming city in the United Arab Emirates, known for its extravagance and upmarket appeal. The city is home to the tallest building in the world, the world’s longest waterslide and a man-made island that is considered the 8th wonder of the world. The city also has a rich cultural tradition and entertainment options for the entire family!

If you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Dubai for a week, here is an itinerary that will provide you a fulsome Dubai experience.


Day 1 Fly from the United States to Dubai

  • One of the best Airports to fly from the United States is JFK; the flight is just under 15 hours nonstop.

Day 2 Visit the Burj Khalifa and the old city of Bastakia

  • The perfect way to start your Dubai trip is by touring the world renowned Burj Khalifa building. This building rises to an astonishing 830 meters and is the tallest building in the world. To get the best views of the city, please visit the observation deck on the 124th floor, and you will be blown away.

  • Take some time out to visit the Bastakia which is an old city that is filled with coral and limestone buildings and the feel of Dubai’s historic history.

Day 3 A day at the Museums

  • Dubai’s rich history is chronicled in the many museums that dot the length and breadth of the city. To learn more about the rich cultural heritage of this charming city, here are some of the museums that you should visit; the Dubai Museum, Etihad Museum, the Antique Museum and the Camel Museum. There are many more interesting museums available to the discerning traveler in Dubai.

Day 4 A guided tour of the Heritage and diving village of Dubai

  • This tour will teach you about Dubai’s architectural, maritime and cultural heritage. You will find displays depicting pearl diving and how buildings were in the old Dubai.

Day 5 Spending the day on the wondrous Palm Islands

  • Dubai is a very exuberant city, and there is nothing more exuberant that the awe-inspiring Palm islands. These islands were artificially created by land reclamation and have some stunning attractions for you to enjoy. Some of these include the Aquaventure Water Park which has the longest slide in the world, The Lost Chambers – an expansive aquarium with an Atlantis theme and Dolphin Bay – a lagoon enclosure filled with Dolphins.

Day 6 Shopping day

  • A visit to Dubai would not be complete without doing some shopping at the world-class shopping malls in the city. The major shopping malls to explore include; the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Mall, and WAFI Mall, these malls provide you with all the variety that you will need. Whether you want to purchase jewelry, branded clothing, Persian rugs or souvenirs such as Camel Milk chocolate and Arabic Attars perfume oil, you will have a unique and fulfilling shopping experience.

Day 7 Fly back to the United States

  • Board your flight back home and relax for the fifteen-hour journey after a well-spent week in one of the most awe-inspiring cities in the world!

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